Confessions of a #Fashion Blogger | SatHERday- Extended weekend edition

On SatHERday's I like my "me" time. 
This is the BEST day for me to get my nails & feet done as well as shopping till I DROP. 
Since I had an EXTENDED weekend (off on Monday) I decided to treat my self like the QUEEN 
that I am, and that included shopping as well as a planned spa day.  

picture so nice I had to post it TWICE 
Monday was the perfect weather for me to indulge at the spa with my mother and sister. 
Low-key it was an early birthday celebration for my mother... but like mother, like daughter 
we stunt and SPA everywhere we go. 
You may remember my previous post at this same spa in the summertime (CLICK HERE).
The only difference here is that we are now in Fall and it can be a little nippy outside.
Lucky for me, my Monday was just perfect... 70° out so I had a chance to STUNT a little. 
Besides, all of the pools were heated so my view of Edgewater, NJ and NYC 
was a perfect way to relax and end my SatHERday extended weekend. 

What did you do this weekend?

L O C A T I O N | Sojo Spa Club 

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