Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Why this FLY chick ain't going No WHERE | Re-branding, Blogging & Sh*t!

I have some loyal and "down- ass" followers, friends and family. 
I have my ups and downs with this here blog but there are a handful of people who 
still check-in on me and check-in on this here blog because they want to see me win.
Hell, I want to see me win as well and that's why I am in the process of re-branding, 
starting with changing the name of my Instagram. 

Don't get me wrong... drakes_right_hand is a hee-larry-us name. 
It shows my love for the rapper Drake, but come on... it's time for me to let the name go and find a presentable name that represents me and my brand. 
A few weeks ago I sat with a friend who was trying to encourage me to quit my job and 
blog full time. Last week another friend told me how she deleted her main instagram 
page and started all over aging and now her platform for her lifestyle blog is better than ever. 
And just this morning I received a random text from my aunt asking me why I don't do more 
for and with my blog as far as merch and branding, etc.
I hear and see that the universe wants to see my blog win and I am grateful for that. 
The first two things I need for this re-branding is the following:
1. New Instagram name (help a sista out)
2. A NEW photographer 
after that... I'm good to go. 

Re-branding coming SOON!

Outfit details:
Moto Jacket & Shades- Primark
White tee- Gap
Skirt- H&M
Vintage Fendi Tote- Rebag
Nº21 bow mules- Farfetch (SOLD OUT)- As seen (HERE)

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