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Tammy's Daily Find | Di$count Univer$e | CANDY PINK $EQUIN PU$$Y CAT CROP & MINI SKIRT
Posted on April 20, 2015 ◄

I was all over the Instagram explore page over the weekend (being noisy as usual) and I came across this FIERCE outfit worn by ATL Socialite/ Entrepreneur Ming Lee and I was in immediately in LOVE with it. I did my research (Like the blogger I am) and came across this DOPE website.. Di$count Univer$e where they sell this HWAT crop top/ Mini skirt and more..
This little number, which is on Pre-order is two different sets.. Candy Pink Sequin P*ssy cat Crop top and Mini skirt sold each for like $200 a piece.. If this is not in your budget check out some other cool items they have that you may like. 
*Side bar- I am SURE Necessary Clothing will somehow manage to get their hands on this design and remake it for less them $60.. Trust me... I see it happening soon... Lol
Be sure to check out more cool items from Di$count Univer$e

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Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Repeat Offender | Denim x Denim pt 3
Posted on April 1, 2015 ◄

Welcome Spring!!!!
I can FINALLY wear my boyfriend (ripped) jeans, A cute pair of heels and throw on a little jacket...

Outfit Details:
Leather Cap- Afaze
Denim Top- Zara
A.N.A Boyfriend jeans- J.C. Penny
Shoes- Michael  Kors
Necklace- H&M 

L O C A T I O N | Somewhere in Harlem 

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SPRING Heel Pick of the Day | Zara "Yellow" Leather high heeled sandals
Posted on March 19, 2015 ◄

Spring is HERE... Spring is HERE!
Well it doesn't seem like it in NYC but FRIDAY is the 1st day of Spring and Zara is trying to BREAK my pockets.. Especially with these BAD BOYS

Ladies... feast your eyes on these Leather high heeled sandals (with a bow in the back). These cuties (which also come in nude) is SO me and SO in my budget.. (saving to away on several trips this summer).

Check out Zara because they have some FAB heels that will leave you drooling


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Monday's Shoe pick of the Day | Jeffrey Campbell ADVERT
Posted on March 2, 2015 ◄

If I didn't have big thighs GUESS who would be wearing these bad boys this season??

Purchase yours here: Jeffrey Campell ADVERT

Image via Instagram 

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Fashion Friday | Street-Stylin' in the COLD
Posted on February 27, 2015 ◄

Y'all know I was cold right?
Picture this.... Trying to capture the perfect photo, in a pair of open-toe heels in 14 degree weather..... BRUTAL but I think I pulled it off. 

Outfit Details:
A.N.A Jeans- JC Penny
Leather Gloves- Aldo
Jacket- H&M
Vest- Karma
Beanie- H&M
Shoes- Prabal Gurung for Target 
NARS Matte Velvet lip pencil (red) on my lips 

L O C A T I O N | Somewhere in New Jersey 

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Confessions of a #BeautyBlogger? | Red vs. Nude Lips
Posted on February 25, 2015 ◄

I Think this may be my FIRST personal beauty blog (Go Me!). 
So I am a RED lip kind of gal but ever since I've been introduced to NUDE lipstick I've been HOOKED.  It's like I felt guilty of cheating on ALL of my red lipsticks because My NUDE (NYX) lipsticks have been taking OVER.

Check out my TOP (3) FAV lip colors I' rockin' this season:
1. MAC Ruby Woo (OF COURSE)
2. NYX Matte Lipstick (Nude)
3. NARS Velvet matte Lip pencil (Red)

What's your favorite lip color?

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Calling ALL #FashionBloggers | NYC Fashion Bloggers Want YOU!
Posted on February 23, 2015 ◄

NYC Fashion Blogger Members: Tammy (Organizer), Brittany, Erica & Jamila

If you are a NY or NJ Fashion/ Style Blogger we want YOU!
NYC Fashion Blogger Group is now OPEN and looking for a few GOOD Bloggers to join our group.

Blogger Requirements:
-Must be a Fashion Blogger
-Have an active blog (blogging for 4+ months)

If this is you feel free to check us out and send a request at NYC Fashion Bloggers Meet-up Group or email me at Afendibag@gmail.com if you have any question.

To learn more about NYC Fashion Bloggers Meet-up group visit:
Facebook- NYC Fashion Bloggers Meetup Group 
TUMBLR- NYC Fashion Bloggers

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Fashion Friday | Denim x Denim | NY Fashion Week #OOTD
Posted on February 20, 2015 ◄

Ever since I saw Kylie Jenner in her all denim shirt and high boots (HERE) I knew I had to get me one... Now I know I'm known for the denim on denim trend (click here) but this one was EXTRA long and just right for me and just in time for NY Fashion Week... Lulu*s Style Studio at that

Check out my outfit of the night at LuLu's style studio, which I call Denim x Denim with my Kyle Jenner inspired denim dress I found for about $40, a pair of A.N.A Jeans and my Zara sandals.

Outfit Details:
Denim Dress-Necessary Clothing 
A.N.A Boyfriend Jeans- JC Penny
Sandals- Zara 
Lips (red)- NARS lip pencil (my Birthday gift via Sephora)

L O C A T I O N | 404 NYC

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