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Lunch Break Street-Style | Denim & Blue
Posted on July 23, 2014 ◄

Okay... so this is NOT a Lunch Break street-style post but this is MY Blog dammit and I post what I want, Lol
This is actually a few weeks ago at a movie premier that I SO forgot to post. 
So without further "Ado" or "Adieu" I present my rugged denim x Blue street -style

Outfit Details:
Denim shirt- H&M
Skirt- Old Navy (See here)
Hat- Afaze
Shades- Forever 21
Shoes- Aldo

LOCATION | Bryant Park Hotel

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Welcome HOME | Tammy's Daily Find | Go Jane vs. Giuseppe Zanotti's Buckle Strap Sandal
Posted on July 22, 2014 ◄

Before I start my Look for less let me just say that these BAD BOYS should be arriving at my house by the end of the week... YUP!

Look. For. Less
These Giuseppe Zanotti's  $1,595 will break your pocket but today I found it for the super low price over at Go Jane and trust me you don't wanna miss this sale that going on.
Check out ABOVE the "Go Jane" knock-offs that will be sure to leave a few extra change in your pocket

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Lunch Break Street- Style | DRESSED in ALL White
Posted on July 21, 2014 ◄

I am NOW using my lunch break to show off some of my outfits..
Why didn't I think of this earlier?

Outfit Details:
Pants- Zara
Crop Top- Necessary Clothing
Shades- Forever 21 

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Fashion Friday x Street-Style X Red, White & Blue Baby!
Posted on July 18, 2014 ◄

I am SO late with this 4th of July post.... None the less I had a GREAT and Low-key 4th of July 

Outfit Details:
Shoes- ShoeDazzle
Shirt- Gap
Shorts- Old cut-up jeans
Shades- Forever 21
Hat- Afaze

LOCATION | Chelsea

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Confessions of a Fashion Blogger | My 1st Food Review | Pies n' Thighs
Posted on July 16, 2014 ◄

Tammy's Confession: I don't utilize my blog the way I should be.... This will change after today

So last night (after work) me an Blogger Erica "The Glamorous Gleam" went all the way over to Brooklyn to check out NEW restaurant "Pies n' Thighs". Now don't me wrong... It is very tiny (from the outside) and we wanted to sit down and eat but when our waiter showed us the EXTRA room in the back I knew I was gonna get my eat ON.

LISTEN... the prices are affordable ($7-$20) and the selection is so huge you HAVE to go back there and try it all. For my 1st time I had the chick box meal (3-pieces of chicken, collard greens, honey & biscuit). Erica had the same thing but instead she had Mac & Cheese and let me tell you that I was in heaven... 

This pictures also does nothing compared to the food in front of you

The Preach Cobbler was nice (nothing like my Grandmothers homemade peach cobbler but I won;t complain).
Fresh peaches, whipped cream.. Ooh Lala

I Highly recommend Pies n' Thighs whenever your are in the Brooklyn area... Trust me you will be in LOVE.

Be sure to head on over to Erica's blog to see her recap of this restaurant as well and whenever you are ready be sure to check out Pies n' Thighs

LOCATION | Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

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Celeb Style Spotted | Beyonce In DemestiksNewYork, Topshop & Jaded London
Posted on July 14, 2014 ◄

Beyonce had Instagram in a BIG frenzy today by debuting not ONE but FOUR different outfits... FIERCE outfits at that...  Check them out below because she SLAYED each look

 Beyonce in DemestiksNewYork Nay-Nay- African Print Holland wax shirt & DemestiksNewYork Romonde Skirt

Beyonce in ANOTHER DemestiksNewYork Printed jumpsuit

Beyonce in Topshop Silk Camo tee dress by boutique

Beyonce in Jaded London Ying Yang Palm t-shirt


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Fashion Friday | 4- Ways To Wear My Comic BOOM Pencil Skirt
Posted on July 4, 2014 ◄

As you can tell I LOVE my Comic BOOM Pencil Skirt

Check out MORE here:
Comic BOOM

Happy 4th Of July!

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Tammy's Daily Find | Look For Less | Giuseppe Zanotti vs. PNK Elephant Fringe Heel
Posted on July 2, 2014 ◄

Hey Ladies.. So I found the SUPER look for less with one of my favorite designers Giuseppe Zanotti and to my surprise these HOTT red fringe bad boys which cost a grip $1,095 is on at PNK Elephant for.....$125.. Yup, That's right. 
Now I am loving my Giuseppe Zanotti's but guess which ones I MAY be getting?? (Save some money in my pockets), Lol

Tammy's Look For LESS 

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