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Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Around The Way Girrrl

I'm Baack!!!!!!
I'm good on ANY block!
especially when I'm in Harlem, lol. 
Y'all know I struggle to find a consistent photographer.  
And you damn sure know that I can NOT take this cold weather so this little Fashion Blogger will NOT be out here in these cold NYC streets taking pictures. 
I'll find a way to take pictures when I can (depending on the person I am with at that time) and with the use of my trusted Iphone 8. #BANG

More looks and outfit details after the break

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Fall #LookBook | Oversized Sweaters, Layers, Mixed Prints and Apple Picking

If you know me well you know that one of the things I like to do is go apple picking,
especially if it's with my family. 
Apple picking for me is good for (2) things:
1. Apple picking style photos
2. Them HOTT cinnamon donuts 
That's all I go for, lol

See more after the break 

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Tammy's Confessions (Why I almost gave up blogging... AGAIN)

I've been blogging for EIGHT years now.
When I say EIGHT years I mean I come from the blogging days where my Blogging numbers where GOOD.
People from ALL around the world would visit my blog and leave a comment...COMMENT, y'all remember them days?
The days where you'd leave a comment on a bloggers page and they would do the same thing.
That my friend is called "Showing LOVE", remember that? no shade

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Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Seeing Stripes


Ok so I am NOT fully Fall weather ready.
As much as I would like to be ready and cannot wait to show up and show off for the Fall,
I gotta hold on to the summer weather for a few more days
 or longer if I can.

More pictures after the break

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Fall #LookBook | Pumpkin Spice


I'm officially in the mood to play dress-up in this lovely Fall weather.
I ready to mix and match and explore with all of the fall colors 
I have in my closet and waiting to be delivered. 
Speaking of delivery... 
Doesn't it feel good when you you get that "Your package is on the way" notification? 
That's my FAV notification. 

Check out this weeks Fall #LookBook, which I call "Pumpkin Spice" 

Outfit Details:
White top- H&M
Burnt Orange Suede Skirt- Primark
Oversized Sweater- H&M
Leopard Flats- Old Navy 

L O C A T I O N | Harlem 

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Wonder World Pop Up NYC

 Another post that is LATE... Don't kill me
This was taken some time in August while at Wonder World in Wooster Street.
Believe it or not I have a BLAST here unlike Dream Machine. 
I had the place all to myself to explore and take some instagram worthy photos. 
I mean why else would you go to these pop-ups?? lol
 Wonder World is designed to fill your imagination/fantasy in 5 rooms at the historic 
studio of Andy Warhol  

Check it out & let me know what you think. 

*Outfit details in next post

L O C A T I O N | Wonder World Pop-up NYC

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Winky Lux Pop Up NYC


 And in a true "A Fendi Bag" Fashion this post is SUPER late.
Check out this FAB pop-up shop at Winky Lux that has about 6 amazing INSTAgram rooms 
to take pictures in as well as view their amazing makeup. 

To view more picture check out our Tumblr page

To visit the Winky Lux pop up check it our (HERE)

Outfit Details:
Head wrap- fabric store
Denim Jacket- H&M
White tank- Primark 
Blue & White stripped pants- Primark
Sandals- Call it spring 

L O C A T I O N | Winky Lux

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | And on Sunday's we... REST!

Sunday's are meant for staying in bed all day, catching up on your FAV shows/ movies & doing absolutely NOTHING. 

L O C A T I O N | Winky Lux