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Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Tammy Sings The B L U E S

 I don't know how I was able to pull this off but I turned this dress (from target) 
into a fierce pants set. 
Peep more looks and outfit details after the break.

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | *Insert Drake quote here*

I thought I had a story to post about The Pint Shop, I don't.
I just have pictures to share 

To learn more/ Visit The Pint Shop/ Museum of Ice Cream presented by Target 

Speaking of Icecream, lol... My FAV Drake dropped some serious heat on Friday. Did you hear it yet?

What's your FAV song on Scorpion?
What's your FAV Drake quote?

Outfit Details:
Denim shirt- H&M
Skirt- LuLu*s as seen (HERE)
Bucket Bag- Target

L O C A T I O N  | 45 W. 14TH Street 

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Don't mind me... I'm just here to take photos | The Pint Shop Edition

Rule #1 when visiting The Pint Shop
Do not use the aisles as your personal photo-shoot. There are people who want to shop and they can't if you are doing a full photo-shoot and using the merchandise as your personal prop. Thank you!"
- The Pint Shop rep

Me: Having my home girl take pictures of me with the merchandise as I parade up and down the different aisle. 

Hi, my "Pint Shop" name is "Tammy N'Cream" and I love me some Ice cream,
especially Cookies & Cream and guess what else I like... A GOOD photo op.

Y'all know I don't follow ALL the rules so be on the look out for part #2 and maybe part #3 of 
my Pint Shop/ Museum of Ice Cream post . 

P.S- Yes I did eventually buy something.
I actually brought this pretty PINK bottle shown in the picture above. 

To learn more/ Visit The Pint Shop/ Museum of Ice Cream presented by Target 

Outfit Details:
denim shirt- H&M
Skirt- LuLu*s as seen (HERE)
Flats- Primark 
Bucket Bag- Target

L O C A T I O N  | 45 W. 14TH Street 

To Be Continued....

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Repeat Style Offender | The Hi-Low uneven-hem denim shirt

I can't tell you how many compliments I get about this shirt.
 I was inspired to cut this shirt last year for NYFW (As seen H E R E).

You may seen this shirt again over the summer.
It's definitely a hit and will go with A N Y T H I N G!

Outfit Details:
Pants- H&M
Bag- (See Monday's post)
Flats- Primark 
Hi-Low uneven-hem denim (as seen here)

L O C A T I O N | Newark, NJ

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Monday's Blues (Shoes & Bag Edition)

It's Monday.
I'm feeling the B L U E S.
I'd rather be in my bed but for now I'm on the GRIND making back all of that money I spent over the weekend on clothes, shoes of of course F O O D.

Shoes- Aldo slingback heels (Seen HERE)
Bag- Purchased this FAKE bag at the 99 cent store (as seen HERE & HERE)

What did you do over the weekend?

L O C A T I O N | Mi Casa 

And In A Fendi Bag Fashion, This Is How We Celebrate | A Fendi Bag & A Bad Attitude Turns 8


Someone recently asked me how long I've been blogging and my response was six years.
Believe it or not I had to check and take a look at my blog post to realize that I've been BLOG'n for  eight years.... EIGHT years of BLOGGING & Killin' sh*t. 

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Picture so nice I had to post it T W I C E

 Ok folks so there is NOTHING to see here. 
This the SAME look that I posted a few weeks ago. 
The only difference is that I threw on the Famous red coat that you all like. 
Remember what I said in my last post about that NYC weather...
So you know I had to grab my coat and Floss. 

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | (Repeat Offender)- Same Dress, Different Scenery

Dress so nice I had to wear it TWICE