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#ManiMonday | PRESS-on | PYNK Nailz

This quarantined got me loving these PRESS-on nails. 
I mean I pay about $8-$14 for some press-on nails compared to my usual $50+ to get 
my nails done so you know I'm saving BIG time.  I'm kinda getting use to this. 
No shame in my game because I'm not ready to step foot into a nail salon. 
So for now... stay PRESS'd

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Sunflower & C H I L L

If you was to ask me when was the last time I did my 
hair, make-up and put some thought into my outfit you'd be 
waiting along time for a response because I can't even remember.
Being in the house since March has & had me SHOOK!

#ManiMonday | Press ON | Rebecca Minkoff x ImPRESS

This weeks Mani Monday nails are brought to you 
by Rebecca Minkoff x ImPRESS nails and these are my FAV.
So colorful and chic! 
I'm in LOVE!

#ManiMonday | Press ON | Cream Lilac

My last past was on my Bloggerversary on May 25.
Two months later we are here. 
I've been quarantine for 12345633 days 
but I am slowly coming outside to go places... Mask on of course. 
Only place I'm NOT ready to go to is the nail salon..
So for now these Kiss press-on "Cream Lilac" nails will do. 

And In A Fendi Bag Fashion, This Is How We Celebrate | A Fendi Bag & A Bad Attitude Turns 10! (Quarantine Style)

"Did you miss me?"- Varnell Hill voice
Let me tell ya'll this... I've been quarantined in this house since March 13th 
and Bay-Bee!! I am DONE.  A lot can happen when you're bored in the house 
and you're in the house bored but one thing I can't miss is a good opportunity
to play dress-up and stunt in my living room.

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Waiting on Spring like....

So I know I've been gone for a while. 
I had to take some much needed time off after my birthday. 
As a matter of fact I am getting ready for SPRING.
Spring time is the perfect weather for me to kick back, relax and DRESS!

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Style, Grace, a few side-eyes & a glass of wine...It's My Birthday!!!

It's My Birthday!!!!!!
If you know me you know I LOVE a good Birthday shoot.
This year I decided not to go all OUT but keep it CLASSY & CUTE

Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | New Year, Same Tammy ?

My mood for the new year is to continue to rock a red lip, 
give less side-eyes, Love, speak things into existence, do the work, 
celebrate my wins (Big & Small) and let God do the rest.