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While driving to the spa I listened to Blue Ivy Carter's Beyonce's new song
  "Brown Skin Girl" off of The Lion King album and I have to say 
that I cannot get enough of that song. 
Whew lawd.. the lyrics are so powerful. 
This to me, is the best song and the most meaningful song on the Lion King album. 

Another powerful YET disrespectful thing that I got to witness this weekend 
was this hot NYC weather. 
This was A LOT and on top of it I brought a NEW wig.
My very first wig purchase. 
I gotta admit that I am not fully use to this whole wig thing
so I brought a synthetic Chinese bang wig. 
It's cute but it looks better with a head wrap on... baby steps, lol 

Besides the wig and this oversized robe that I am wearing (outside in this heat)
I gotta put you guys on to SOJO Spa Club in Edgewater, NJ.
Let me say this first.
If you plan on going PLEASE go during the week day. 
It is less crowded and only $60 ($80 during the weekend).
Included with the $60 is access to all of the indoor and outdoor pools, 
sauna's, ice cold room & pool, foot stone pool and the massage pool. 
Everything else like: food, massages, volcano sand wrap, facials 
are all extra and NOT included with the $60 fee. 
Overall I enjoyed it, had so much fun with my sister and mother on our spa date. 

Don't forget to check out Sojo Spa Club

L O C A T I O N | Edgewater, NJ 

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