Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Why Instagram won't let me be great

I have a love/ hate relationship with Instagram.
Just because I'm a blogger doesn't necessary mean that 
I have all the perks in the word by having a lot of bloggers, engagement, and sponsorship
Last time I had  a GOOD sponsorship was a few years ago. 
I'm not mad, I just post my pictures and go, lol 

Picture this.. year 2012.
Instagram was a BIG f*cking deal.  
Instagram was basically for IPhone users at the time and I had a Blackberry so you know 
I quickly got rid of my blackberry and got me an IPhone. 
At first instagram was fun.. something to look at, 
sharing photos and double taping the heart emoji of your friends and FAV celebs. 
As time went on IG became a popularity contest (similar to high school). 
It was all about how many followers you have and how many likes you can get off one post. 
Them likes could eventually land you a sponsorship with different brands 
(clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, etc)
As for me, I'm just a little fish who is just trying to get them likes in and stay in the loop of things. 
Sure my career takes over too much of my time and I don't post like I use to. 
But DAMN... A chick is still here styling and posting as if it's still 2012.
The only difference now is that I'm over the likes, what hashtags to use and if Instagram decides to show my post off at all. 
I have a FEW loyal ones who are always on time whenever needed. 

P.S- when they hiding them likes? :) 

 Outfit details: 
Gingham shirt- H&M
Gingham asymmetric wrap skirt (SOLD OUT)- (worn here)
Clear Purse- Zara
Asymmetrical sandals- Shein

How do you like this gingham look? 

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