My NYFW Shoe Picks... Week 2 (LAST WEEK)


 Now that Fashion Week I over, I finally have time to rundown some of my favorite picks (as seen here from last week), my Fashion Night Out (FNO) Experience as well as a few shows that I was able to attend during New York Fashion Week.

Peep below my NYFW favorite shoe picks Pt. 2


Fashion Pad said...

Those Luis Vuitton heels in that first pick are absolutely drool worthy. My coworker was able to snag one of the Speedys in that yellow print and I'm thinking bout robbing her, LOL. Fab heels!

Carrymel said...

Those shoes are all beautiful but all the people wearing them look like their feet are in paaaaaain! I don't know ....maybe not, but I feel like those would be so uncomfortable to wear!


High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Girl yesss to all of these!

Anonymous said...

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