Fall Fashion.... What to Wear

Fall Fashion… What to Wear

Check out this season hottest items to wear this Fall from some of our favorite designers... BTW, I would SO wear "Luxe Leather"
 "Sheer Genius"
"Luxe Leather"
"Heavy Knits"
"Geometry Lessons"
"Fringe Fighter"

 Spotted (here)

UP NEXT..... Fashion Friday.... Teyana Taylor


Jazz Garcelle said...

Hey girl thanks for being my first follower!! i love your page it's so full of life!!

Kimberly said...

Now that all the shows are done, I'm glad you were able to provide us with a breakdown of what the trends are! Thanks for the forecast AFB&ABA!

LA Lynn's said...

That Fendi Jacket is the BOMB!!!!!

Fashion Pad said...

She has such a fun and funky style. I love the way she mixes tomboy and sex kitten styles....she be killin 'em for sho!