PRADA Game Proper!

PRADA Game Proper!

Heels, Pumps, Wedges and Boots Oh My!” Prada has been killing the game lately & this season they are about to show us how to tear the streets up with their newest collection.

Check out Prada’s 2011-2012 Collection which is filled with bold colors, shapes, and do I see a pointy shoe pump?!? I have died & gone to Prada heaven

 *As seen on The Examiner 

UP NEXT...... Fall Fashion.. What to Wear


Unknown said...

How in the world am I supose to stop being a show wh*re when designers continue making fabulous shoes...LOL. Love the collection!

LA Lynn's said...

DAYYUUM... I am FAINTING right right!!!! #GEESH

Unknown said...

These are wonderful pieces! Especially love the knits selection.


Kimberly said...

One thing I love about Prada is how they are able to stay true to each customer type. The heel is modest so older women who have been wearing Prada for years can still 'rock' a pair , and the styles still are true to the time period while still being trendy and timeless -- for us young girls still trying to express our feminity (spell check)!

Great post girl!

L. said...

I loved this post! I cannot wait to wear my heavy knit sweaters that I got while trifting recently...and your page and this music playing? PERFECT! You have good taste in music :)