Bobbie is a Shoe Wh*re!

 Hey Ladies

I am starting something different on Fendi Bag to showcase some FAB shoes. Now y’all know I love me some shoes & I even consider myself a “Shoe Wh*re” from time to time so every Tuesday I will feature a different blogger, friend, etc on my blog for a Shoe Whore addition. 

**Check out Fendi Bag’s 1st “Shoe Wh*re” feature, Bobbie from 4-Lexi:

1.Tell me about your shoes?

My shoes are an extension of my personality. From the vibrant colors to the sexiness and the quality-they all speak volumes.

2.How many shoes do you own?

Wow! Honestly I stopped counting after the 20th pair,but I would estimate it at 150.

3.What is the most expensive shoe that you purchased?

I prefer to save on all items that I purchase,but when it comes to shoes I have learned that if I don't set a budget,then I am in major trouble.My most expensive pair would have to be $300 on sale for DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg).

4.What is your favorite shoe?

With so many pairs I really don't have a favorite.I would be lying if I said that I do,but I do own a couple of pairs which are comfy and fashionable and they tend to get more wear.

5.Who is your favorite shoe designer & why?

With times changing styles follow. All the rage right now is focused on Louboutins "Red Bottoms" and I do adore them, but I have to stick to what I can afford.My favorite shoe to wear lately are from "Pour La Victorie".
***If you want to be featured feel free to follow my blog (I’ll do the same as well, leave a comment along with your email).


Carrymel said...

This makes me want to step my shoe game up lol. Only problem is I need my income to step up too! :P

Teresa said...

thanks for sharing this interesting interview! i'm a shoe lover too :)


Ashleigh Duncan said...

Awesome interview! Love the images too. Always enjoy reading this blog.

Thank you so much for the award! I've just written a post and mentioned you. Check it out when you can! :))


Looms, Lids, and layers said...

Great idea and great post! I will love to do this for you one Tuesday.... but there is a slight problem... my feet have swollen to be 2 sizes bigger than I wear and I can't fit any shoes! I am so jealous of the cute shoes I cannot wear at the moment!

The Latina Blogger said...

I am so happy you started this and she is just fabulous. Love her shoe collection a lot. I hope I can make it. I need a camera BAD...LOL. Great post and thank you for sharing Tammy she is just fabulous!

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Awesome! Let me go get my shoes together!

Mallory In New York said...

Great idea!! I love reading about new bloggers... :) And omg, so many shoes!!! :)

LA Lynn's said...

*Looks around* Can't believe I'm NOT following her... headed over there now! Her shoe game is TIGHT! ~Thanks for sharing