Accessory Wh*re -Cuffin Season pt.2

Check out some of my favorite cuff's (bracelets) that I need to get my hands on for this season.  Since I'm not boo'd up or cuff'd up with someone right now(?) I might as well be cuff'd up with the HOTTEST accessory around my arm... Arm Candy!

Oscar de la Renta gold-plated cuff
Spiked wood and perspex cuff 
DARCY MIRO Manchette
Michelle Roy Loop Cuff
Etro Hammered gold-plated cuff
Hammered gold-plated cuff
Statement gladiator cuff
Studded Leather Cuff

"Y'all fellas betta CUFF ya girls Cuz Santana & Jones runnin up the girls"~Juelz Santana

UP NEXT: Louboutins for SALE!!!!!!!!


Alyssa Pritchett said...

The Oscar De La Renta bracelet is my fave. Fits my style perfectly. :)

Looms, Lids, and layers said...

Loving that studded leather cuff! I am on my jewelry craze right now too!

Johanna L. said...

They're amazing! Very nice post :)

Kimberly said...

I LOVE THEM ALL! I'm addicted to cuffs, and I mainly think it's because I love how structured they make everything look! YES YES YES!