Stacks on DECK: Finsk Heels, Pumps, Wedges

Sh*t my friends say:
"Mean"~MissMean Shoe
 “Y’all know I can’t walk in flats so I DEF can’t walk in these”~ Cee-cee
 “I could use that as a hammer to finally hang my pictures up”~Kenya
 “These are my sitting shoes… Just sit still and look pretty”~ Leah
 “Once I find out if my insurance covers my slip and fall I’d rock them”~Miss Fendi Bag



ms.composure said...

wow...can you walk normal in any of those shoes!? i know i prob could not! LoL

LA Lynn's said...

These shoes are KILLA!!!!! *LITERALLY* lol

Economy of Style said...

Whoa! These look dangerously hot!

Bravoe Runway said...

Those shoes are hott....I'd be afraid to fall...they'd have to be standing shoes!

Johanna L. said...

Those shoes are art :) I'd never dare to walk in them, I love my ankles too much :D

Mallory In New York said...

Love it!! Especially the top one... I saw them for sale on Solestruck and almost died at the price. For that price I'd go for a pair of Louboutins, but thats just my opinion. Still pretty to look at though!! I could definitely see Katy Perry or Gaga rocking any of these. :)

Kimberly said...

FINSK always creates product for a BAWSE! JYES!!