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Monroe STEELE is a Shoe Wh*re
Posted on February 6, 2012 ◄

Monroe’s Shoe Obsession
Check out Blogger and NY Fashion Bloggers Meet-up Group Organizer Monroe Steele’s FAB shoe collection and article.

1. Tell me about your shoes? 
Shoes are definitely my weakness. I spend the most money on shoes than any other pieces in my wardrobe. I'm usually quite frugal when it comes to clothing and do a lot of thrifting but when it comes to shoes...money is not really an object. I will get a second job to buy a pair of shoes I really want such as my Green Ostrich Velvet Charlotte Olympias. My shoe collection is made mostly up of pumps and booties. I do have a few pair of sneakers (3 pair: all converses).

2. How many shoes do you own?
I own about 150 pairs of shoes. Mostly all pumps and booties.

3. What is the most expensive shoe that you purchased?
The most expensive pair of shoes that I've purchased are my Charlotte Olympia Wedges. They cost almost $1000 with tax and shipping. I really wanted them though and I felt guilty after I bought them. But in all fairness I did get a second job solely to buy those shoes. Lol.

4. What is your favorite shoe?
I don't play favorites with my shoes but currently I'm obsessed with my YSL Opyums, my Charlotte Olympia Wedges and my Charles Jourdan Patent Leather Platform pumps.

5. Who is your favorite shoe designer and why?
I actually don't have a favorite shoe designer. I just love shoes. Some designers who I think have a unique approach to shoe creation are Brian Atwood, Alexander Wang, and Charlotte Olympia Dellal. I think they're shoes are really one of a kind and it shows because they have so many copycats out there.

Be sure to check out Monroe’s blogs:
Fashion Steele NYC” and “Shop Fashion Steele NYC

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