Fashion Fridays.....Bloggers Do It Better!

For Fashion Fridays I decided to do something a little different a showcase some of my FAB bloggers that are doing the damn thing where fashion is concerned. 
Take a look below at some of bloggers buddies who are WERK’n the pose… Don’t forget to peep their outfits as well
LV-"Food, Fashion & Flow
Loving the splash of red to go with this chic outfit
Katrice-"High heels & Good Meals"
This is what I call a "Get'em Girl" dress. Loving the print with a HWAT pair of shoes
Light pink/pale pink ballerina skirt is to die for. Sexy/stylish on & checkout them Sam Edelman pumps
 Bobbie & Meesh- "4-LexI"
I am all for an edgy look & Meesh/ Bobbie nailed it with this ripped up jeans/shear dress w/a pair of combat boots (great for the fall) to kill'em with the outfit
Shanequa- "Fashion Pad"
Throw a blazer over any outfit and you will be killin'em. Loving the black/white print dress as well.
E- "A Tribe Called E"
Blue blazer, turban  a pair of lean= casual but edgy.. Loving this look
Andrea- "Always Say Grace"
Blue is in & I am loving how the sweater makes the outfit along with the belt.. can't forget about the dress because that bow caught my attention..
B. Inspired- "Bravoe Runway"
Color blocking, edgy, chic.. WERK them Red Pumps!
Crystin- "Fashionable Geeked"
Another great outfit.. color blocking again with a dope yellow sweater on & check out her Red shoes... WERK!
Shayla- "Dean of Fashion"
Loving this.. Color blocking dress & she is killin' them with those riding boots.. I can't wait til the Fall
"LA Style Muse"
Loving this blouse, cut-up shorts and name plate belt.. cute edgy look!
Evil Nelly- "Mascara Massacre"
Stylish look that is cute on Nelly. Loving the Red skirt & the floral print top
Chic look.. a pair of jeans, button up shirt and some booties to rock..Oh & the Turban is a MUST!


C' est ma petite bibliothèque said...

oh yes they do it better :)

Kimberly said...

These girls have amazing style !

And Shaylas outfit is definitely inspiring for this coming fall =]

PS: Our links section has been updated. =]. check it out, you'll be happy.

Fashionably Geeked said...

Oh wow, thanks so much!!!

LA Lynn's said...

Love, Love, Love them ALL!!!! thanks for sharing... I will be check 'em out!

Anonymous said...

lovin the styles of all the featured bloggers. great post

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Wow! Thank you girl! Everyone looks great! Love this new feature!

Dazzled and Fabulous said...

Everyone looks awesome!!! Great feature. I am following, can't wait to see whose next!


Unknown said...

you are awesome!!! thanks for posting and gave me some more great blogs to look for inspiration!

Fashion Maids said...

Awwww, thanks Tammy. I will check out the other ladies. Great post!

Dre said...

All of these ladies are killin it!!! Such fabulous style, ladies. I'm loving especially how Miss LV splashed the red through her look and that colorblocking dress Shayla has on. I'm checking them all out now.

Great post, Tammy!

e. said...

Thank you! I love your blog!!

LV said...

Thanks Doll for mentioning me! I am honored and very flattered:-) xoxo

Tammy said...

Thank you/ You're welcome to everyone that was featured.. you guys rock... really!

Fashion Pad said...

Ummm.....WOW!!! I didn't know I was featured. I've been slacking on my fashion blogger stalker duties (your site is definitely on my list, lol). Thanks so much for the love :-)