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Confessions of a FASHION Blogger
Posted on July 11, 2011 ◄

One thing I like about being a fashion blogger is that there are so many of us out there all around the world and even though we are fashion bloggers and like the same things we are ALL different and unique in our own way. I love and value my fellow bloggers that I follow/follow me because we are able to learn from each other. One thing about me as a fashion blogger is that I LOVE:
Vintage clothing

I think my obsession for vintage clothing & accessories comes from the very 1st time I saw my mother’s vintage Louis Vuitton bag. I think I was about 14 years old & this had to be the very 1st bag that Louis Vuitton made. My love for vintage is actually where Fendi Bag comes from. I love Vintage Fendi (Click here) as well as finding some AWESOME deals such as old school Moschino belts, Burberry shoes, clothing, JUST EVERYTHING.
Jeffery Campbell

Ok... what fashion blogger doesn’t like Jeffery Campbell or even have a pair in their closet?! I think that a requirement as a blogger to have a pair... well at least two of them & if you don’t have a pair I beg you to get one NOW

The perks, swag bag, FREE items

Being a fashion blogger you got to go to so many fun and exciting events to cover for your blog.  Since I write for three other magazines (during my spare time) I am able to attend some cool events & meet some cool people. The best thing about this is the SWAG bags/Gifts bags where you are able to get EVERYTHING... I think I go to these events just for the bags.

And last but not least

As a blogger it is all about you... believe it or not YOU set your own trends/styles for everyone to see. A fashion blogger’s blog is a reflection on who the blogger is. As for me, I am me: a wild shoe wh*re who doesn’t give a f*ck about what I wear or do as long as I look cute doing it.

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Hello my name is Tamanika. I'm a New York Public School(s) Site Director and Educator by day and a fashion blogger, Shoe Wh*re, Hip-Hop lover and a Freelanace Writer by night. Doing what I do best in this great city of New York (that I call my boyfriend) while following my fashion idol... June Ambrose. Check out all of my features! Welcome to my site! xoxo

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