Look of the Day- Leopard Pumps

Look of the Day:
Leopard Pumps
This season I will be wearing some type of leopard pumps because they are my new FAV trend (click here). Check out these cute Tory Burch Leopard pumps that I NEED TO HAVE & my outfit to go with them.  

Peep my outfit below that is like a casual look to chill out in. you can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans, T-shirt, a blazer with some added accessories to WERK. Them. Pumps!
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Emijaa Jaaemil said...

Love those pumps - but I love all things leopard... and i'm loving the white blazer - still on a hunt for one!

Bravoe Runway said...

I just got a pair of leopard calf hair pumps from D&G at Nordstrom rack! Those will definitely be making a debut on the runway!


Jess said...

Oh wow - those TB heels are perfection! And I love those sunglasses too.

xo jess

LA Lynn's said...

Okkkk... I'm most def feeling the leopard look!!!! These are BAAAAAD!!!!

Carrymel said...

Hawt! I usually don't like clunky heels but I loooove animal print!


LV said...

I love these pumps! they add instant pizazz to any outfit!


Berty said...

I need to hurry up and get me another pair. The fav pair I had died :( LOL

Ashleigh Duncan said...

Amazing shoes! Love the outfit too.

LOOOVE anything animal print :D



ProprPostur said...

leopard print is going hard this summer.

check me out at

Tammy said...

Thanks guys & yes Leopard will be the thing THIS season & NEXT season (I feel).

DaBlackSjp said...

those shoes are so HOTTTTT
nice post!


Dre said...

I am in love with leopard print, period! It's definitely still in, several months later!

Samantha said...

love your blog!!!! hope you can follow back! xo <3


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Vale ♥ said...

Your blog is amazing, original, really beautiful ! I am a new follower on Facebook :) Kisses and keep up the great work and the...attitude !

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Fashion Pad said...

Cute look! A blazer, top, and skinnies is my go to outfit. And of course I always pair it with sky-high heels!

Unknown said...

LOVE ME some leopard!! And those pumps are fierce.

<3 Marina