A Woman's Right to SHOES

A Woman’s Right to Shoes
**This is an OLD post**
 Over the weekend I did what I usually do every night before I go to sleep, Watch an episode of Sex and the City. One episode in particular that came on (which is my all time favorite) is the episode “A Woman’s Right to Shoes”. 

In this episode, Carrie’s shoes somehow magically disappeared while attending a party at her friend’s house.  This episode meant so much to me because of the significant of losing your favorite shoes.  Now everyone knows that I am a “Shoe wh*re” and has a wide variety of shoes but should I be ashamed at the amount of money I spend on these shoes? I think not because as a single(?) lady living in the city, I work hard for my money and if rewarding myself with a pair of shoes is a crime (to some) then lock me up and bring my shoes with me. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my friends dearly but being the only gal out of the group with NO kids can be weird sometimes.  Every day I get pictures from my friends of their children doing something cute (which I LOVE) but it’s like what is it that I have to share, show or give them that I love (as much as they love their kids). Believe it or not whenever I get a picture of one of my friend’s child, I send them back a picture of my NEW shoes. Fair exchange, both cute, and both something we both love. 

A Woman’s Right to Shoes” just means “LET US BE GREAT!”.  We as females have a thing for our shoes and who are you to judge us.  Just like Coco (Ice loves Coco) said on her show last week: “I love my shoes, I wanna f*ck  them” well why can’t she? They are hers, she paid for them & she also has enough of them to do whatever she wants to do.  

The same people that frown on Carrie and us "ShoeNista's" because of our frivolously shoe budget/how much we spends on our shoes just might be jealous.  Think about it, what females aren’t jealous of the next female with the dope pumps or the hot new Manolo’s on their feet. 

This episode “A Woman’s Right to Shoes” is a constant reminder that you may look at me funny, judge me or even say how my priorities are all f*cked up but the love I have for my shoes is something that you can never take from me…. Well until I have my 1st child then that will be something different.

"Is it bad that my life is filled with shoes & no children?" ~Carrie Bradshaw

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Bravoe Runway said...

I love that episode too! My next favorite is when she goes with Miranda (who is expecting) to buy shoes and tells her that she's got 100 pairs of Manolos! Miranda does the math and Carrie realizes that she may have to live in her shoe ;)

mad for fashion said...

I must say it is one of my favorite ones too!

stylemefab said...

my favorite SATC episode....

Evil Nelly said...

oh! this is one of my favorite episodes of SATC!

i totally get you when you say u send pics of ur shoes to ur friends who send you pics of their kids!!lol.. i hv been married for 3 years now, but we hv decided we dont kids for another 3 years ;) everyone thinks we are the "anti-kid weird couple"..
we dont hate kids or anything, its just that kids dont take kindly to us..


Tammy said...

Thank you guys & @Evil Nelly I so agree with you on that.. just wait & have fun..


Style4Curves said...

exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES I LOVE shoes and I buy a helluva lot of them who gone check me boo??!!

ms.composure said...

loving loving this post!


Unknown said...

OH MY girl...They're gorgeous!!

<3 Marina

Unknown said...

I love sex in the city and this is one of my ultimate favorite episodes.

<3 Marina

Out Of My Kloset Boutique said...

Those are hot!

Out of My Kloset

Out Of My Kloset Boutique said...
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Unknown said...

Tammy, I have to say it is one of my favorite ones too. Another one I like is when Miranda is in labor and her water broke and of course the mess was all over Carrie's shoes...LOL