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4 Things That Got Me Through The Week
Posted on July 18, 2011 ◄

Last week was a rough week for me: 
The heat over here (In New york) is ridiculously HOT, 
My Blackberry won’t let me be GREAT, 
I can’t wear a mini skirt to work :(
The shoe salesperson didn’t have my size at Remix and 
My aunt passed away on Wednesday.
I am ok right now thanks to a few things that helped me get through the rest of the week.

My Friends
Even though we may be far away from each other they always know what to say to you. It can be a call, text or a bbm all you need to know that you have your friend(s) behind you to tell you that they are here for you whenever you need it. They are the ones to make you laugh and forget about all of your problems even if they are trying to take your shoes from your closet.

I had (3) cupcakes one day (don’t judge me). I love to eat Red Velvet, cosmopolitan and just a plain vanilla cupcake (don’t judge me). I don’t care anyway because I felt so good……. The next day I DID do my work out/crunches though

My sister gave me these DOPE cream fringe open-toe booties from Victoria’s Secret. I am SO in love with these & she. Made. My. DAY!
**BTW-I am doing my 1st giveawaysoon... A HWAT pair of shoes.. Get ready!**

Jill Scott
 Jilly from Philly=I love her! She can do no wrong in my eyes and as soon as I listen to her all of my problems go away.


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Hello my name is Tamanika. I'm a New York Public School(s) Site Director and Educator by day and a fashion blogger, Shoe Wh*re, Hip-Hop lover and a Freelanace Writer by night. Doing what I do best in this great city of New York (that I call my boyfriend) while following my fashion idol... June Ambrose. Check out all of my features! Welcome to my site! xoxo

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