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I am SO late with these awards & I am so sorry, but RIGHT now It's time to give out some awards to some of my FAV bloggers. 

I've been awarded "Stylish Blogger", "Best Blog" & "One Lonely Blog" awards by my FAv bloggers: 
1. Agnes-"Infusion d'Agnes"
2. Lovely- "Carmen Vogue"
3. Sincerely- "Looms, Lids & Layers"
4. Will work 4heels-"High Heels & Good Meals"
5. Soraya, Kimberly & Asia-"FWB"
Thank You Ladies!

(7) Facts about Tammy:

1. I just graduated in May with my Masters in Education & NOW I am completing my 2nd Masters
2. All of my blog post (On Fendi Bag) are updated (2) weeks in advance. I never publish during the week/on that day unless it's an examiner article or "Tyra Mail" Fashion News
3. Believe it or not I have a Full-time job as a Site Director for a learning company in New York public schools & a 2nd job that I don't believe I need
4. I also write/contribute for the Examiner.com, MissMeanShoe, Joonbug, Black People DO Read & a NEW on-line Magazine.. shout out to Ju'lia over at Ju'lia Catherine & Worthy Magazine for that.. Coming Soon
5. I am from/my family is from London, England (But I have a New York accent though):)
6. I was a guest on a TV show in New York called "Education Matters" about my Educational Philosophies & politics in the public school systems
7. I have my own shoe shoetique in my apartment (I could care less about where I sleep right now :)

Now Im"a do something DIFFERENT & Nominate the following (9) bloggers the:

1. B.Inspired- "Bravoe Runway"
2. The Latina Blogger- 'Mad For Fashion"
3. Soraya, Kimberly & Asia-"FWB"
4. Da Black SJP-"Peace & Mode
5. Evil Nelly- "Mascara Massacre"
6. Ashleigh Duncan- "Follow The White Rabbit"
7. Dolly- "Dolly Dripped in Swagg"
8. Lovely- "Carmen Vogue"
9. Will work 4heels-"High Heels & Good Meals"



Bravoe Runway said...

Thank you!!! What an honour to receive the award and congratulations on completing your masters in Education!

Evil Nelly said...

oh Tammy! i am so happy that you even considered my blog, am surprised you even read it, lol..
Thank you so much,i love your blog and congratulations on your Masters, and all the best for your second!
Now that you mentioned that ur from England,the voice in my head reads ur blog in an english accent ;)
Thank you again,

Looms, Lids, and layers said...

Congrats on everything chick!!

Carmen Vogue said...

Thank you so much! I love your blog, and this is such an honor. Congrats on your Masters. I love your random facts ;).

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Thank you for the award!!! Congrats on getting your Masters! That's pretty cool. Wow you're from England? I never would of guessed, now I wanna hear you talk (even though you got the NY accent!) :)

Tammy said...

Thank you everyone & Congrats once again


DaBlackSjp said...

Thanks so much it's a real pleasure for to have this fabulous award!
You'r welcome in my fashion word

"Peace & Mode" Tammy


SOJO said...

Thanks so much for this, hunny! I'm flattered & so are the rest of the ladies. You know we always appreciate you dropping by. Each comment you leave is both constructive and comical. Mmmm-uahh!

Unknown said...

Congratulations doll on your blog awards you truly deserved it.

And congrats to all of those getting them too.

<3 Marina