Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | It's My Birthday!! (Pandemic Birthday)

It's my Birthday!!!! 
And I will celebrating the best way possible. 
In. My. Bed (in the house) because we are STILL in this damn Pondersoa (Pandemic), lol

Last year I had a GREAT birthday. 
See my birthday last year was the LAST time I was able to dress-up and have fun.
Last year I celebrated with a few close friends, my younger sister and my FAV cousin Pebbles.
Leave it to Pebbles to ALWAYS ask me what I 'm doing for my birthday and pushing me to do something as well as ALWAYS coming to the city from PA to celebrate with me.
And in true Pebbles fashion she would come down for a few hours to have
 fun and then she was right back on that highway back to Philly. 

Last year we did Karaoke. 
I rented a room, some food and dis what I always do...Try to sing my butt off.
Drinks were flowing, we had a mic and a pole, lol
Can't go wrong for a Saturday Birthday.
To close that night we somehow ended up at BBQ's, got some Henny wings
and a Texas style drink with a shot. 
Good vibes with close friends & my FAV cousin. 
Any birthday with Pebbles by my side will always be a GREAT birthday but little did I know that, that would be the last birthday I would celebrate with her. 

My Pebbles passed away on August 24th from stage 4 cancer. 
I knew her cancer came back BUT didn't know how bad.
I found out how bad it was at the funeral. 
As a matter of fact that's when most of us found out. 
All I could think about is how she came out for me, celebrating and was full of life that night.  

So today, I will celebrate the way my cousin would want me to.
This birthday photoshoot is dedicated to you Pebbles. 
Thank you for being there anytime I need you.
My birthday will NOT be the same without you.

Love you,

*P.S- In true Quarantined fashion these pictures were shot in my house. 
We set up a photoshoot in my living room and after that
 I went back in my bed to watch these Sex and the City reruns. 

Photos by Pierre Captured