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You know what I have on my phone?... CONTENT.  You know what I DON’T have to go with the content? STORIES. I’m currently sitting here (on this snowy Thursday) thinking of things to write about to go with these photos and guess what? I have NOTHING.

The way my mind is set up I would just post these pictures and keep it moving but the blogger in me needs a caption/ a story to get my readers, but some people don’t read anymore, they just look at the pictures and keep it moving.

I meant that is what I do, just scroll, like and keep it moving. Can’t be mad at that, that’s just how long our attention span is set up.

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy these photos just as much as I enjoyed taking them in the COLD January weather. On this day we spent at least and hour or so shooting content with this look (videos and pictures) showcasing my love for spring moto jackets and chunky boots. If I like something a lot I buy it in every color.  Don’t believe me, just like at my IG- xoLoveTammy the video speaks for itself, lol.

 P.s.- what are some spring trends you excited about this season? Mine is the bright colors and mixed prints. 

Outfit Details:
Biker Jacket- Primark
Black Skater dress- Boohoo
Saint Laurent clutch- Rebag
Gucci Tights- SSENCE
High profile Chelsea boots- H&M
Black Beanie- Primark
Celine (dupe) sunglasses- Amazon
NARS Velvet Matte lipstick pencil (Cruella)- Sephora

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