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When  I say I hate taking pictures in the winter time I mean it. 
It's cold, windy and as much as I want to dress up and take nice pictures 
I just want to be back in my damn warm house, lol. 
but enough of the cold weather because this bright bag is enough to keep me warm and looking F L Y.

Meet my new gal. This tote bag is everything.
When I  tell you I stalked this bag, I STALKED it.
I've had my eye on this large orange Telfar bag since LAST February. 
I had the chance in August to order it and 2345321 days later I finally got her. 
Now when I say 2345321days I mean It was delivered to me in December
 and YES I ordered it in August. 
Isn't she pretty? The color is everything and best thing about this is that I can wear this hot gal during ANY season. She is big, bright and just RIGHT.

Speaking of Just right, where are my manner.. Happy New Year! 
We finally said good-bye to dreadful 2020 and HELLO to 2021.
As we are finally in a new year I am all about these positive vides, thanking God daily, praying I become pregnant soon (that's for another blog post) 
and changing my style up by adding more COLOR. 

Speaking of color, this Telfar goes with just about anytime. 
Since the pandemic my bag collection has GROWN.
I'm all about buying BLACK and normalizing luxury (got some Gucci & Prada) bags in too, lol. 
I'm also about adding more color to my closet, getting DRESSED and putting on make-up again.
Well not everyday because I'm STILL working from home, from the bedroom to the living room.

Birthday countdown coming soon
P.S- I have NO idea what these birthday pictures are gonna look like.
 Pandemic got me wanting to do a "stay home" in bed shoot BUT I did that already (HERE). 

Outfit Details: 

Utility jumpsuit- H&M- SOLD OUT
Side bow mules- Century 21 (RIP Century 21)
Orange Beanie- Walmart 
Orange Tote- Telfar 

Photos by Pierre Captured

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