Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Road Trips & Tings


This is the first summer where I planned on doing nothing at all.
I planned NO trips overseas, no girls trip, NOTHING and I am completely fine with that.
All I planned on doing is brunch'n with my girls, shopping, relaxing, catching up on a few shows and enjoying this beautiful city New York has to offer. 

BUT within three weeks of my "hot girl summer" this hot girl was bored and 
needed to leave the city to go and clear my mind.

Over the weekend I took a little road trip to Boston (Random I know) 
to clear my mind, get away, enjoy a beach or two, eating some seafood
 and of course... shopping. 

Escaping is good every once in a while. It helps you to think and re-evaluate decisions you need to make. I am/was so in a bind with my career and the goals that I want to achieve. 
Don't get me wrong.. I love my job but I just feel that there is no where for me to grow. 

This short weekend trip was much needed.
It's good every once in a while to leave the city and recharge. 
I won't say that I have a whole new outlook on life but I will say that 
I have a few goals that I am comfortable with and I cannot wait to plan and achieve them. 
I also learned that the quote "Live, Laugh, Love" are not only powerful words 
but without the Love one would not know how to Live and Laugh

I know this post is all over the place. 
I Just had a hard time putting all my thoughts in this blog post. 

P.S.- This truck was not used during my road trip.
I have to make this disclaimer because someone will ask #Sideeye

Outfit Details:
Shades- Amazon
Blue/ white button down shirt- Zara
VITAMIN Sea swimsuit- Primark
Paper bag Waist belted jeans- Primark 
Sandals- Call it Spring

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Shanequa said...

So fresh and so clean clean!!!!