Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Repeat Fashion Offender- The Neon Blazer

I can't lie,
When I like something I run it down to the GROUND.
That's why I buy TWO of everything and this neon blazer is def one that I have in MANY colors. 

I have this blazer in neon yellow (pictured above), pink and I believe orange. 
Guess which one I wear the most?? 
You guessed it.. This flirty BRIGHT number. 
You may have seen this blazer (HERE) and you might just see it one more time for NYFW or 
before the end of the summer. 
I can't get enough of it!

Outfit Details:
Head wrap- 125th street vendor
oversize white tee- Zara
Blazer- Primark
Leopard- Primark

P.S.- Yes I am wearing shorts, jean shorts actually. I'm not that crazy lol 

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