Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Hot Girl Summer... on a budget

This hot NYC weather is the reason for this side-eye.
Anyhoo... let's talk about this yellow. 
I always say that the color yellow looks GOOD on us/against our skin 
and I am GLOWING right now. 

 I told you I'm all about color this season 
and can't wait to try something else like Orange. 
Speaking on something I'm all about this season like this color, I'm all about budgeting as well.

I'm off (work) for the summer or part of so I am all about enjoying my summer by having a
 "HOT girl summer": going to the beach, eating out, rooftops, drinks 
and I cannot forget them sample sales because we all know it cost a good $250 
just to step outside our apartment to enjoy the city, lol. 

In order for me to plan accordingly for this summer
 (because mama has an expensive Fendi taste, lol) I learned NOW how to look good without breaking the bank. This whole outfit (not included the shades and head wrap) is from Primark and I spent a grand total of...... $60 for this WHOLE outfit. 
Yes, that's right: sandals, jeans, blazer, shirt and bag.

Side-eye/Attitude sold separately 

Photos by blacchai

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