Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Smile & Pose


I'm actually smiling in a photo.
Can't lie.. I'm glad that we are FINALLY getting some NICE warm spring weather.
This is the perfect weather for me to "Street-style" and "Show-Off".

P.S.- You've been warned with the amount of clothes coming from Primark
YES they do have a few stores in the states (I usually travel to Philly) to shop but now they have a location right here in New York (Staten Island). 
While in London a few weeks ago I ended up going to the UK flagship store and and went crazy. 
Of course I brought the whole damn store up.,.. Hey, It's not like I always get a chance to go to a UK based store to SHOP. 

Outfit Deatils:
Heels- Call it spring, Jeans and Kimono- Primark, Graphic tee- Necessary clothing 

P. O. S. E- #FashionBlogger 

Photo by Daph 

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