Welcome Home | Forever 21 Chunky Ombre Transparent High Heel Sandal

Via Blake Von D  

Tammy's Confessions: I have been searching for these FAB heels from Forever 21 for a long time every since I saw them on the site and unfortunately... They were SOLD OUT.  To my surprise FAB Blogger Blake Von D had the same pair of heels that I wanted and was selling them (SIZE 7). So you know me.. I quickly ran to the chance and purchased them from her (I Love Paypal) and NOW they are all mine.

Welcome Home to my new babies that I will MOST def do a photo-shoot in coming soon so look out. 
Also if you are looking for these cute sandals I found them on this FAB website "LOVE HER STYLE" and to my surprise they come in in all types of colors (light blue, black, silver and nude). Click HERE to get yours

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Jai said...

These are soooo cute!