Diary of a Blogger: Tammy got INK’d

Diary of a Blogger:
Tammy Got INK’d

It has been two years since I told myself I was going to get another tattoo (I have 3 that are hidden)... I had so many ideas in my head and I knew exactly where I wanted it BUT I was too scared to get it because of my job, my wedding day, my mother… EVERYTHING.

One day I decided to stop being scared and go back to Whatever Tattoo -In the Village (the place I got my 2nd tattoo on my back) and spoke to my artist Hershal on what I want and why I want it here.  

See when I was 17 years old I begged my Mother if I can get a tattoo of my name on my arm.  With her saying "No" for 5 months straight she finally said "Yes" (BUT TO TEACH ME A LESSON).  My mother would say that by having my name "Tamanika" on my arm made no sense at all... but being 17 and don’t listen I took that "Yes" and ran to some tattoo shop on Fordham Rd. in the Bronx and got my tattoo (my name) on my left arm.

 Now.... Many years later I SO regret getting this tattoo... NO I regret getting my name on my arm because it's like I don't know my own name OR people would walk up to me and say "Hello Tamanika"... I can’t even lie and make up a fake name with my REAL name tatt'd on my arm, Lol so my mom won & I was ready to get it covered.

Two weeks ago I started the process of covering my name. The 1st session took (4 hours)... YES 4 DAMN hours of me sitting in the chair getting something that I always wanted (a sleeve, exotic flowers... something that represents me)... My 2nd session, which was last Thursday took about 2 1/2 hours to finish (which you see pictured above).... BUT wait... I'm still not finished... my LAST session (an added flower at the bottom) will be this Thursday and I cannot wait till it's all done and do what I do best.... HAVE A PHOTO-SHOOT with my new INK.... NY INK

**I know some of you are wondering about work, etc... Don’t worry... I am always professional: wearing sweaters in the office or properly dress while I’m out on the field/ in meetings with different schools/ Principals, etc (evil grin) and remember........ I am my OWN Boss... I am a Site Director Dammit, Lol

*Diary Locked*

Up Next: Street Style/Color blocking Pt. 2


Shayla Dean said...

Hey Boo,
Love the Tatt! I want a sleeve too but I'm not at that fearless phase yet like you. Lol. Have a Good week!

Unknown said...

Beautiful work!

JayMarie said...

Wow, it looks great! I can't wait to get tatted again! (:


Dre said...

This tat looks great, Tammy! Girl that was a lot of work!!! But they do say beauty knows no pain.

Can't wait to see the finished product and your NY Ink photo shoot pics!

LA Lynn's said...

Yup, Yup... I am sooo itching for another TATTOO! I was young when I got my 1st one and it's of my daughters name. No regrets but if I g=had it to do all over it would def be in another area!

But I LOVE your TATT! I know I want another one and I think you have totally motivated me to make it happen sooner than I think!


Fashion Pad said...

Well it looks fab so far!!! I have two hidden tattoos and like you, I definitely want a third one. I just got to figure out where the heck I'm going to place it and what it will be. I'm leaning towards an Adinkra symbol....

Miss Daja said...

It looks amazing!! And I sure can't see your name anymore (not that I saw it before, just saying) so WIN WIN!!!

I'm glad you got over second guessing yourself after all this time. I bet that felt great huh?

Tammy said...

Thanks ladies. Even though this Is rather huge I am still I. Love with it... I may just get another one, lol.

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