Diary of a Blogger: Tammy got INK’d

Diary of a Blogger:
Tammy Got INK’d

It has been two years since I told myself I was going to get another tattoo (I have 3 that are hidden)... I had so many ideas in my head and I knew exactly where I wanted it BUT I was too scared to get it because of my job, my wedding day, my mother… EVERYTHING.

One day I decided to stop being scared and go back to Whatever Tattoo -In the Village (the place I got my 2nd tattoo on my back) and spoke to my artist Hershal on what I want and why I want it here.  

See when I was 17 years old I begged my Mother if I can get a tattoo of my name on my arm.  With her saying "No" for 5 months straight she finally said "Yes" (BUT TO TEACH ME A LESSON).  My mother would say that by having my name "Tamanika" on my arm made no sense at all... but being 17 and don’t listen I took that "Yes" and ran to some tattoo shop on Fordham Rd. in the Bronx and got my tattoo (my name) on my left arm.

 Now.... Many years later I SO regret getting this tattoo... NO I regret getting my name on my arm because it's like I don't know my own name OR people would walk up to me and say "Hello Tamanika"... I can’t even lie and make up a fake name with my REAL name tatt'd on my arm, Lol so my mom won & I was ready to get it covered.

Two weeks ago I started the process of covering my name. The 1st session took (4 hours)... YES 4 DAMN hours of me sitting in the chair getting something that I always wanted (a sleeve, exotic flowers... something that represents me)... My 2nd session, which was last Thursday took about 2 1/2 hours to finish (which you see pictured above).... BUT wait... I'm still not finished... my LAST session (an added flower at the bottom) will be this Thursday and I cannot wait till it's all done and do what I do best.... HAVE A PHOTO-SHOOT with my new INK.... NY INK

**I know some of you are wondering about work, etc... Don’t worry... I am always professional: wearing sweaters in the office or properly dress while I’m out on the field/ in meetings with different schools/ Principals, etc (evil grin) and remember........ I am my OWN Boss... I am a Site Director Dammit, Lol

*Diary Locked*

Up Next: Street Style/Color blocking Pt. 2


Shayla Dean said...

Hey Boo,
Love the Tatt! I want a sleeve too but I'm not at that fearless phase yet like you. Lol. Have a Good week!

Unknown said...

Beautiful work!

JayMarie said...

Wow, it looks great! I can't wait to get tatted again! (:


Miss Dre said...

This tat looks great, Tammy! Girl that was a lot of work!!! But they do say beauty knows no pain.

Can't wait to see the finished product and your NY Ink photo shoot pics!

LA Lynn's said...

Yup, Yup... I am sooo itching for another TATTOO! I was young when I got my 1st one and it's of my daughters name. No regrets but if I g=had it to do all over it would def be in another area!

But I LOVE your TATT! I know I want another one and I think you have totally motivated me to make it happen sooner than I think!


Fashion Pad said...

Well it looks fab so far!!! I have two hidden tattoos and like you, I definitely want a third one. I just got to figure out where the heck I'm going to place it and what it will be. I'm leaning towards an Adinkra symbol....

Unknown said...

Great post !

3 words LOVE YOUR STYLE :)

I'm an instant follower of you now :)

Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



Miss Daja said...

It looks amazing!! And I sure can't see your name anymore (not that I saw it before, just saying) so WIN WIN!!!

I'm glad you got over second guessing yourself after all this time. I bet that felt great huh?

Theory Republic said...

i love it

Tammy said...

Thanks ladies. Even though this Is rather huge I am still I. Love with it... I may just get another one, lol.

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