Confessions of a Shoe Wh*re: Jeans & Pumps EDITION

Confessions of a Shoe Wh*re:
Jeans & Pumps EDITION
Sleek & Sexxy at the same DAMN time!


Berty Morales said...

Great post and I need to add myself in to this category! One of my favorite trends and I will say kind of like my signature style! (: xoxox

Ms. LeBlanc said...

I think this is 1 of my favorite looks for fall, classic and will never get old. I recreated that Kim K. Look 2 years ago. And i just love photo #2

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I love this look and this is me every weekend. LOL

<3 Marina
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Anonymous said...

does anyone have a clue where i can get the black leather and denim jeans. im searching for it and not finding it.

Tammy said...

@xqua- try (they are on sale there).. These also come in leggings, et