Killy is a Shoe Wh*re!

Killy’s Shoe Obsession
Check out Blogger Killy from "Haitian Fashionista" and her FAB shoe collection.  I must say that I am in LOVE with her Shoes, Pumps, & Heels but this FAB blogger has style… I am Loving ALL of her looks as well as her shoes.

1. Tell me about your shoes? 
I have several different shoes like wedges, heels, boots, oxfords, and sneakers to match each of my different styles that go with my personality
2. How many shoes do you own?
I have around 25 pairs of shoes which is a lot for some people but others like celebrities and those who are obsessed with shoes that are probably like nothing to them. But I am taking some of them to sell at a Platos closet so I can make room for more.
3. What is the most expensive shoe that you purchased?
I’m a vintage girl so I love to shop at thrift shoes, so when it comes to buying shoes I don't I like to spend more than $30 on a pair shoes. But the most expensive pair of shoes I have are my TOMS
4. What is your favorite shoe?
Oxford boots
5. Who is your favorite shoe designer and why?
Well I have many but Christian Louboutin his shoes are simply fabulous! I love the pigalle's He makes very classy shoes that you could wear 5 years from now and yet he can have fun and mix it up a little .
Check out more from Killy by visiting her blog at:

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Unknown said...

She is TOO cute! I found your blog through another and am so happy I did. Now following xo

Unknown said...

she is amazing ! and you as well
greets from germany , BronZingEyes

LV said...

she is so cute! very nice style and I can definitely relate to having a shoe obsession:-)

Unknown said...

Very fashionable lady...and great collection of shoes.,

<3 Marina

Tammy said...

She is very fashonable... loving her style as well as her collection... thanks ladies