Trend Alert: Ponytails

 Trend Alerts: Ponytails

I seen an episode of "Love & Hip Hop” where Chrissy (above) was in Miami rock’n a long pony tail (32inch I heard). Once I saw that I knew I had to have the style for my birthday. See I am NO stranger for rockin’ a yaki tail (pony) and whip’n my hair all over the place. 

Check out some HOTT ponytail looks that is definitely IN this season to rock while trying to show off.
 Kim Kardashian
Jada Pinkett-Smith
Keyshia Cole
 Blogger Necole B*tchie


My Birthday COUNTDOWN: 7 Days


L. said...

I'm no lover of long pony-tails, but that second photo with the white model and the yellow hairbands is HOT!!!! So is Nicole Bitchie's pony! Whoot!

But umm, can't wait to see YOURS tho!

Beauty or Swaag said...

I love the ponytail look, I've been wanting to do it!, I'm lovin ciara's !

xoxo, Shariece

Dre said...

I love Kim K. and Ciara's pony-tails! I always love to see a modern spin on a classic pony.

I can't wait to see your pony and all of your birthday shenanigans!!! Do you have major plans in place yet?

Miss. Nik said...

Ooooh! I love it I haven't rocked a pony in a while...i'm all over this trend! lol

Kimberly said...

GIRL the ponytail trend is one of my favorites in a long time! ALTHOUGH my forehead is just WAY to big to be slicking anything back, I think I may just make it do what it do! Soraya and I were just discussing ponytails yesterday! Right on time boo!!

Ashley said...

I like this trend. I can't say I'll be wearing it. My mom use to put a pony tail in my head often...nothing bizarre but very believable. You know how some mothers could be ::side eye:: anyways...I loved Chrissy's. People stated otherwise...

Tammy said...

Kim just changed my mind on getting my yakii tail in.. I too have a forehead & scared to show it but I will soon....

Fashion Pad said...

I'm loving these ponytail looks....however the style worn by Necole is a little frightening.

Looms, Lids, and Layers said...

I have only worn a long phony pony once and it was no where near the length of these. I think you found something that I am intimidated to do! Lol! Can't do it boo! But sure you will be glam with one!

Unknown said...

I love them. Even though my hair is short I have my ways to rock long ponytails..LOL

Unknown said...

WooHooo...these are some FAB photos doll and loving this trend!! specially on those bad hair days.

<3 Marina

SOJO said...


I am craving a long, phony-pony, but are there limits, rules, or regulations?

Chrissy's pony-tail is the height of a "You Must be THIS TALL to Ride THIS Ride" carnival sign. Is this okay?

Also, yhey need an emergency ponytail under the long ponytail. Just in case someone pulls your yardstick of weave out, you can snap in a reasonable "pocket-book" friendly, 10 inch pony, right where your baby-bun is patiently awaiting you to.

Fun post, beau!


Sojo, FWB

Tammy said...

@Laurie-I still don't know what I want.. I am liking my short do though.. & yes that photo/pony tail is too cute

@Shariece- DO it!!!!!!!!!

@Miss Dre- I wanted to keep it simple BUT of course there are plans. Going out tomorrow. Spa & Dinner on Sat... Next week Family Dinner and the week after that... 2nd week in Feb my BF has a trip planned.. IDK where BUT this should be good.

@Miss Nik- Yass..please do

@Ashley.. yes I know how mother's can be & I also saw chrissy's comments on her pony.. I liked it though

@Fashion Pad- lol, I said the same thing BUT unique none the less

@Looms- Do it.. you know you want to :)

@Mad for Fashion.. you can still do it

@fashion- Thanks

@Sojo- Lol, only you.. BUT there are NO rules/regulations, etc. Chrissy's pony tail is NOT ok. it's cute but just for ONE day... And the "baby bun".. I cant. BUT yes, an extra pony should be handy for when you are patting your weave too much & you pat that piece right off ur

my mini bag said...

I love the ponytail look. Great photos. All of those girls rocked the ponytail..

Oh and love the colorful shoes below!

Vanity Guinness said...

Let me tell you after I saw Chrissy's pony I was dead set on finding me a 52" ponytail..(I knew hers was only 32) I searched High and low, and I found one! But I had to exit stage left when I saw the price tag.. I was heart broken, but I did find a 42" for a good price so I'm happy. Love this post by the way!