Fall Fashion..... Fur Vest

Fall Fashion…..Fur Vest
If you follow me on twitter (click here) then you know I have been talking about “fur vest” for a couple of days. Kim Kardashian has been spotted around rocking some of the hottest fur vest that I just need in my closet right now. 
FUR Vest Edition: 
Kim K. In Jahaanara (vest), Hermes Birkin (Bag) & Valentino (Boots)
I went shopping on Sunday and found myself in H&M, Necessary Clothing and a bunch of vintage stores that had so many different fur vest to offer… I will have to get on the roll and get me a few just to “SHOW- OFF” as usual…

Check out some of the FAB ladies that are killing the game right now with this season’s hottest trend
 Olivia Palermo

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Mad For Fashion...For Less said...

I think is time to pull mine from the closet. I love them and I need to find one in all black now.

Silvertigo said...

I love this trend! It's absolutely my thing ;) xoxo

LV said...

I love all of these fur vests! It's time to pull mine out!


windyar said...

I love fur vests! I have one and my friends always mock me I look like a bear, but what do I care? It keeps me sooo warm!:D