NYC Bloggers Fashion Night Out Experience

I don’t even know where to start because last Thursday for Fashion Night Out was real… MAD REAL! I had the chance to meet bloggers: 
Bobbie - "4-Lexi" 
for our “Fashion Night Out” experience. 
Our blogger experience started in Manhattan Mall, where I met up with Jackie (Love her). We saw models & a “In-Style” interview where people were asked to bring in some of their old clothes to receive a new outfit from JC Penny... Cute idea
Next up we went to Macy, where singer Joss Stone graced the stage (outside) to sing some of my favorite hits. Unfortunately we didn’t stay for Joss Stone b/c we wanted to see the FASHION. While in Macy’s we met Bobbie (thee best) who was the REAL photographer for the night. While in Macy’s Jackie decided to play dress up & model some of this season’s hottest looks. 
Oh yeah, we also spotted Carson Kressley, Love him!
My girl Sojo came in after Jackie’s fashion show & let me tell you she was KILLIN’em with her outfit…OH! & the shoes. We all met up & saw NY Knicks player Amare Stoudemire who was with designer Rachel Roy. 
Bobbie, Sojo & myself
Amare Stoudemire

NEXT UP….. Sephora, where we had some drinks, yes drinks. It’s so funny because we didn’t get one single goodie bag our whole experience BUT we did get our drink on.  Sephora had a FAB event & of course Solange was there killin’ the turn tables.
 FREE drinks & mini cupcakes @ Sephora
 Sojo & Jackie
 Sephora make-up artist

The only male of the group, Rell (who looked handsome I may say) met us as we left Sephora to continue our FNO experience in SoHo.  H&M offered us free rides to SoHo, which we took. 
 Sojo, Rell & Jackie

SoHo- Prince St. /Broadway was LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a block party for all the Fashionista’s & stylish men that could dress their a** off.  We went everywhere & saw everyone. I don’t even remember where else we went b/c after the 2nd drink my heels came off & I was feeling NICE!
Burberry, Espirit, MAC, Dash, etc ALL OF THE STORES WERE LIVE but the streets were just like a Jay’z lyric:“I’m where the hood & High Fashion Meet”.  Overall we had a FAB time, meeting each other, laughs the drinks, etc, etc... 
Taking it back to the 80's
Shoes spotted.. we call these "Shoeicide"
Fresh to death.. 80's baby!
Burberry Boys looking like a million bucks
Burberry.. Hot or not?
Good times

*Check out some pictures below as well as checking out Jackie’s FNO experience (here), Bobbie’s FNO experience (here), Sojo’s FNO experience (here) & Rell’s Fashion “do’s & don’ts (here).

Oh yea... we had to end this day with some MORE drinks & some great food from Bamboleo. I DEF had a “Might Don’t Make It” thought about going into work the next day... (I went though... late but I went in)

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is not over. We still have some more FAB events to go to. 

BTW check out my girl Berty (Mad for Fashion) who had a GREAT Bloggers experience over in Dallas TX for Fashion Night out. Check out her 3pt. FNO experience...She has some GREAT pictures.

WERK Berty!
 "Fashion Night Out is like Halloween for the fashion slaves"~The Fashionite


Mad For Fashion said...

Awww Tammy.....I dont know how many times I will say this but none of this would have happened to me if it wasn't for you. Thank you so much and check you ladies out. All of you look fab and the food, OMG it look yummy.....What a nice and I am so ready to do it again next year!!!! Thanks mama!

e. said...

I love EVERYTHING about this post!!!!

Carrymel said...

I am SO JEALOUS you hung out with Sojo!!!! Ahhhhh lol Why the hell didn't I come out for it? I could kick myself. Seriously.

And Sephora was giving out mini cupcakes and dranks??? Where was IIIIIII??? -.-

But anywho - next year, Tammy, NEXT YEAR, I wanna come with. I'm so serious. It looks like fun and everyone looks positively fabulous. I can't even deal.

♛ FWB said...

I FELT TOOOOOOO MUCH FUN just by looking at these pictures. I'm low key HHHAAAAYYY-TTTTEEENNNGGG. LOL. But I'm so happy you all were able to meet up & have a blast together. ;] This was SO official ;].

Kimberly, FWB

Unknown said...

Absolutely love that "Shoeicide shoe" it looks like its straight out of the McQueens fall collection. It looks like you had a fab night.

Happy Fashion Week...Love