Secret Lives of Yellow Bottoms

Dedicated to all of the "Yellow Bottoms" by YSL, Versace & Alexander McQueen

"Yellow living room set, Lemonade Gucci Shoes for my girl" ~Gucci Mane


♛ FWB said...


This post. I live. I love.

We need more lines dedicated to the YSL lady. That Gucci one is not cutting it. "Brrr".

-Soraya ; FWB

Unknown said...

I love them!! must try to find an affordable alternative!! they're definitely a must have.

Tammy said...

Thanks y'all.. Yes we must find some affordable of.. I'm on it.

&Soraya iDied at "Brrr" still laughing..


Unknown said...

Yellow ev'rythang!!! Cute!! :)

Twitter- @chubbydivanique

Kimberly said...

Mm, YSL is my faavvee designer shoe brand, and yellow is my favorite color! Wwiinniinnggg!

Kimberly, FWB

Tammy said...

Yes.. very Cute Ladies!