iRock Spikes

This post is dedicated to all the HWAT Shoes, Clothes & Spiked out Accessories that we all love to rock.  I learned from one of my friends that even though you can purchase these HWAT Accessories and Shoes that are spiked out or H*llraiser as I call it, you can also do it yourself and purchase some fabric glue and spikes to jazz up your own closet.. I will be doing this RIGHT NOW!  *Runs to e-bay to purchase spikes

Spiked Stiletto's -BTW she made these on her own.. DOPE!

Spiked Sunglasses- BTW, Check out Coco & Breezy because they have some FLY accessories/ sunglasses.. Spikes, Studs.. All of the above..


Jasmine Tara said...

Love the spiked shoes! Imagine falling in those, ouch! :) Great post, lovely photos.

Tammy said...

Yes the spiked shoes are my fav.. Thank You!