Slush Life Ent.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words; well last night the pictures I took explained how my night went from the beginning to end at Katra Lounge. I was celebrating my friend’s birthday as well as celebrating the completion of my practicum for Grad school. I had one to many drinks and dancing on the couch was my thing for the night. Everyone’s drink eventually ended up on my dress but I didn’t care because I was having the time of my life. If I say I don’t know how I got home would you believe me? Well its true, the only thing I remember was me throwing my phone on the table because it was going off every five minutes.

I went to sleep and had a dream I was in ecstasy and couldn’t be stopped. The night was mine and I was celebrating it with my friends the best way I knew how to. The DJ was my boyfriend because he knew what I wanted to hear. The bartender was my sponsor because he knew what I wanted to drink. The men around me were my next victims because they knew what I like. I had it all and I felt like I was on top of the world.

I felt so good that I didn’t want this dream to be over until my phone rang and that’s when everything turned black. I opened my eyes and looked around as if I didn’t recognize my own room. I got up looked at my phone (6 missed calls, 10 text messages and 5bbms). I didn’t know what happen or where I went the night before but something said to look at my camera that was on my bed. Once I looked through the pictures everything came back to me and I suddenly remembered what I did last night. I had a "Slush Life Ent." Night and the proof was in my camera. Now if I can only remember who I met last night that is stored in my phone under “Tatt’d up”... To be continued…

*These are the only pic's appropriate for "A Fendi Bag & A Bad Attitude" Blog. This is the start of my Slush Life moment from my 1st drink, dancing on the couch and taking pics. Mwah!


Wannabeloved77 said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!!! 

chocbrownie813 said...

girrrl ife i good to you right now all of that late nit partying,drinking & socialing wit people you dont remember....It all goin to catch wit you.
School is about to finish its time to get serious about life, your future & a serious relationship.

Not trying to put a damper on your fabulous night cause i being there and back. It always a blast to let off some steam from your everyday life.
I dont want you to be 35-40 and all alone its not cute.


Tammy said...

Thanks for the comment whoever you are but if you know me then you know that "I AM GOOD" and I have everything that I want right. If you don't then "Mind you eff'n business". Please dont let one post assume you know me/ my life b/c you dont. I am good/ I am happy & I will contiue to live. my . life! Thanks, Management

*BTW- Thanks for stopping by :)

Tammy said...

@Wannabeloved77 YES.. girl I had alot of fun.......