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Aspiring and upcoming Detroit artist, Jay-Cro Jay-Young’n was originally born in Atlanta, GA, but was moved to Detroit. Jay was heavily influenced by music while growing up in a family that greatly appreciated music. Jay-Cro’s style is a mixture of persuasive similes and metaphors. His music is crafted through lyricism and everyday life experiences. Jay’s overall outlook on music is that it should never be made for one specific crowd. “Music is my life and I make music that everyone can feel & relate to. Real hip-hop tells no fake stories so I don't rap about what I don't know. I may stretch the truth a little for purposes but when it comes to my music. What you hear is what you get.”

Jay-Cro has achieved much success from his first solo mixtape, to the tune of 70,000 downloads in its’ first week, over 20 official blog features, numerous interviews, magazine features, performance opportunities, and fans all over the world. With much achieved success, he still remains humble, grinding daily between the Internet and the studio to create music. His music appeals to anyone who will listen, so the demographic ranges from high school youths to hip hop fans in their thirties. Having his own style and presence on the mic, Jay-Cro Jay-Young'n is an emcee that will definitely give the industry something new to listen to. Be on the lookout for this upcoming artist, Jay-Cro Jay-Young’n. His United States Regime (USR) Family helps to keep him focused and motivated to continuously grow as an artist.
*For more info on Jay-Cro click on the title to go to his music page as well as visit his site WatUpDoeJayCro.com

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