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Every week I am going to feature an erotic story by one of my favorite sexual storytellers (besides Blogxilla). Kai aka Mr. Biggz over at “The World of  Super Kai” is a sexual perv <HIS WORDS NOT MINE that has some juicy stories on his site that will keep you on the edge of your bed... YES BED... Click here to read his story “Closet Freakz Dot Com (Naughty Story Series)” as well as check out his site and tell him Tammy sent you.

WARNING: For adults eyes only!

As I walked thru my front door I let out a sigh of relief, signaling that the day was finally over. Asshole bosses, bitch ass coworkers, there was no escape from the madness from 9 to 5. Looking over at my answering machine, 0 messages, the plight of a looser in training. Not that I was a bad looking dude, I actually get flirted with on the regular, I just don’t know how to properly respond to a lady now-a-days. I see my boys that’s either boo’d up or enslaved by the ball and chain and 85% of the time their miserable. They laugh at me for having many lonely nights as a bachelor, but I know inside they cry and wish to be in my shoes. And besides I’m never “really” alone, I have a bevy of sultry vixens at my fingertips, I get sexed every night basically by a different female, is my salvation.

I found the site by accident during one of my late night porn sessions, that night me, Cherokee D’ass & Beauty Dior were having our night threesome, as I was slow stroking my meat, about to erupt, a FUCKING pop up. It totally killed my moment, but wait, what’s this live girl on cam. I clicked on the pop up and it took me too her private room, her screen name was carmelixxx. Her background was candle lit, strangely illuminated allowing me to see every curve and crevice of her milky breasts hiding behind a lace robe. Her cam only showed her from the neck down. I typed in the box “hi” she asked me to cam up. I obliged showing the same view from the neck down. She moaned softly when she caught a glimpse of my swollen package, it was ripe from being abused a few moments ago. She slowly slid her hands down the slit in her robe exposing her Carmel skin, my eyes were locked. The crept closer to her clean shaven kitty, parted her lips, and rubbed her clit in small clockwise circles.

That’s all I needed, fuck this porno for now, I laid back in my chair a little bit more exposing the rest of my manhood, still shining, and began to slow stroke it to her rhythm. She used her other hand and exposed her breast, began pinching her nipples, moaning, biting her lip, she was loving herself, and I the same. I hastened my pace, I couldn't hold back my eruption any longer, she inserted one of her fingers, “oh shit, baby let me see your face please” I spoke with exasperated breath. She suddenly stopped, huffed, “no faces, read the sites instructions asshole” she chastised me before closing her laptop, leaving me with nut flowing down my shaft, even though I had climaxed I felt I wasn’t done.

I tried to find other ladies in the site to view, but couldn't do it without registering for the site, which was no problem. Closet freakz dot com was a site for average folks who tend to have a freak inside to be let out on occasion, harmless fun, week by week went by I adopted the moniker “illegal briefs” it seemed fitting with me being a lawyer & all, I became a closet freak addict. I didn’t know how to socialize anymore with the outside world, everything was “handed” to me anyway I wanted every night in complete anonymity. I could be the lone ranger one night, or batman the next, I gathered quite a following with my costumed antics. I had a few favorites that I would have to visit at least once a week: Alissa Storm, Kayla Cheeks, Chelsea Reds, & Juicy Pink. I was guaranteed to fall out my chair from skeeting so hard after watching one of these ladies.

As time went on so were my antics, I had completely alienated myself from the outside world, I only lived to please my closet freaks, thinking what stunt could I pull, that would really separate me from the other guys on the site. Eureka, a live broadcast of wang whacking on the road. I packed up my MacBook and my mobile hotspot wifi and hopped in my truck. Posted a show reminder, live from somewhere in Brooklyn, I got some suggestions, one was red hook pier, I wanted to park someplace a little bit more crowded but didn't want to get arrested either.

It was about 8pm the last of the sunshine was peeking out from the horizon, showtime was at 8:30, I watched a lil porn to prep myself for the show, and to see who’s watching my viewers were at 35, good. I conversed a little, peeked at a few of my new onlookers playing with themselves. 8:25 came I untied my basketball shorts, hopped in the passenger seat placed the MacBook

I turned my head toward her, but she hit the lever on my seat causing me to lay flat, she wore a masquerade mask over her eyes, from what I was able to glimpse. “ladies, may I borrow him for a minute”, there was a unison “mmm hmm” and one or two I wish I was theres, she got the approval she needed, I laid back still not registering what’s going on, until I felt her wet lips kiss the head of my dick. Her tongue swirled around my throbbing head, I covered my eyes, she descended slow until my shaft completely disappeared down her throat, she spit, I moaned, “shit.. Shit..” her slurps were controlling and calculating, she knew when to change her flow. She climbed in the car with my dick still in her mouth, hiked her leg over my head and her puss staring me in the face within a matter of moments. I was happy to slide my tongue deep within her creamy folds, I placed both my arms over her juicy ass cheeks interlocking my fingers, to evade her escape once I got started.

I slurped her entirely, with the same calculating stroke, her hips began to sway to my tongue motions, she was quickly loosing this battle, she began to ride my face in this 69, pushing back and I continued to tongue fuck her, and softly motorboat her clit with my full lips. Her thrust became less controlled and more violent, my face shiny from her squirting once or twice. She began to shutter once more, legs trembling, I pressed in deeper, she moaned “fuuuuuck”, I could hear through her thighs that a couple more viewers had reached there pinnacle.

She place her hands on the dashboard and used my stomach to slide down, adjusting her molten pussy wall on my tool. Inch by inch it crept into her inviting womb, she was slippery wet, still no rush for enjoyment. I let out a sigh as her tight pussy lips met my balls and she began to gyrate. It was a slow belly dance, her ass cheeks bounced against my abdomen, the slapping sound seemed to be in stereo. I held her waste to fuck back, but this was her penance, it was revenge for her earlier slaying.

Her pussy walls gripped on the upstroke from the base cause a bio vacuum of sex juice, I was not able to hold it in much longer, she started fingering her own ass until I took over. I could feel her walls erupting again, only know I was going to join her. One last deep plunge and her pelvis jerked wildly, I exploded filling her vibrating cunt with warm jizz. She ground deeper, I winced, she hopped of slowly, sucked off the remnants, closed her coat and walked to her car hips swaying with the night’s breeze. I heard applause on my mac, it was a showing of the ages, I wanted this lady. I pulled up my shorts, quick sprint to her car as she peeled off. I walked back to my car, defeated and depleted, what a night. A message popped up with a link to a cam page, entitled “Playtime on the Pier with Illegal Briefs”, what a world.

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