Eye Candy of the Day- J. Harmony

Now this “Eye Candy” is one that I know personally… J. Harmony (Joseph Rivers) is a sexy singer that can definitely get it. Born in Jackson, Tennessee and raised in St. Louis he has been singing since the age of ten and yes ladies he can sing. He sang Trey Songz “Your side of the bed” to me one day and I was blown away. Now with a well-known fan base and party-packed MySpace and Twitter page, J. Harmony is ready to take on the world with his “Ladies’ Music” with determination to get some kind of record deal. Check out more on J. Harmony by clicking the title, following him on twitter @Jharmrivers or Myspace.com/jayrsoul

"I like a woman who get it; I'm talkn one where being her should be a sin. Shawty gone twerk, shawty gone ride; call that being on her job, DO WORK!" -J.Harmony

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