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Five things I can't live without
Posted on June 23, 2011 ◄

1. Believe it or not I have at least (5) different lip glosses in my bag, by my bed and even on my bar area.  As a female the lip gloss is the vital most important thing that she can have in life.  It is very necessary for my lips to look nice and smell fruity as well. 

"As a lady, I should only have to reach in my purse for my lip gloss.. on a date that is"

2. I need a pair of 6inch of higher heels in my life. I mean why wouldn't any female love them some Stilettos, Pumps, heels, etc?

3, Everyone knows how much I love PNK Elephant Accessories. I am a Accessory Wh*re/ Accessory Addict that has just about every necklace, ring and bracelet.
  4. I am a "Crackberry Addict". I bbm, tweet, email, Facebook, and text, etc all day everyday. As a matter of fact I am emailing someone right now as I type this post. Does this mean I have a problem?

5. I get bored easily so when I am bored I get "scissor Happy".  Yea I am that person who has to cut things up and design something that everyone knows. This seasons trend will DEF be my ripped up/ cut up jeans.

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