Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | FALL in the middle of SPRING


 I realized a few weeks ago that we've been in a pandemic over a year now.
During this LONG year SO much has happened. 
Some good and some bad but through it all, I am still here, still standing stronger than ever. 

I've lost some, I've gained some. 
I've shopped A LOT, I've cooked more and I've found myself. 
I wont bore you with that story but this past year has been challenging to me BUT I cannot complain. 
Speaking of complaining.. I'm trying to grow my IG (Instagram) engagement more. 
I wasn't the most consistent person but I am now. 
Does anyone have any ideas and/or tips on how to grow my engagement because I am DOPE and
 I'm ready to kill'em.. AGAIN!

I really don't have much to say,
 just wanted y'all to take in these beautiful photos. #wink

Outfit Details:
Rive Gauche Saint Laurent tote- Saks
High profile Chelsea boots- H&M
Crossbody Bag- ASOS
Short-sleeve poplin shirt- H&M
Seatbelt trench- ASOS
Glasses Zeelool

Photos by Pierre Captured

Happy Birthday Grandma Hooke!