Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Tammy's WERKout Plan


Someone once asked me what have I been doing/what keeps me sane (besides online shopping)
to occupy my time during covid-19 and I said my new found hobby which is running. 
 I'm shocked to say this as well but I lost it after my Grandmother passed away in May
  and my wine intake was getting out of control. 
So my early morning walk/ run for a mile or four was something 
that was very therapeutic for me to do. 

Back in April or May I had to step aside from the refrigerator because all of the new clothes I brought back in March was somehow too tight for me. Clothes that was already in my closet was fitting kind of "snug" and I knew I had to change a lot. 
I was drinking more wine, stress eating mourning the loss of a loved one, working from home and just flat out being scared to leave the house because of this pandemic. 
I knew I had to change things because I wasn't happy nor was this healthy. 
In June I finally got up put on a pair of sneakers and the only workout pants I own and I did it..
I finally did it.... I walked up the block, lol 
I took the plunge and walked that day till I couldn't walk anymore. 
I had so much on my mind that 1hr and 30 minutes and some miles later I felt good. 
Maybe it was because I finally got out the house to have the sun kiss my skin and get that good morning breeze in or just the fact that I needed to get out the house. 
Either way, this was NOT my last time releasing some energy and freeing my self-- Fantasia voice
Four months later I am down a few pounds/ slimming down thanks to my waist beads. 
I decided to use waist beads to help with tracking this weight loss journey instead of buying a scale because I did not want to have to keep on checking my weight and being disappointed
 when I don't see the results (on the scale) that I expected. 
If you remember with my last post I talked about hanging up my heels for sneakers? 
Well I told NO lies there, I am officially a sneaker girl because
 this is all I wear, especially a good running sneakers. 
If you follow me on Instagram (XoLoveTammy) you'd see my recent sneaker purchases as well as my WERKout plan via my Instastories. 

Did I also mention that I started this Vegan eating back in July? well I did and I love it. 
I'm a Hello Fresh kinda Gal and they have some good vegan recipes/ meals to cook at home. 
I also looked up different good clean vegan meals to make, trying new vegan restaurants as well as my weekly visit to my favorite corner store... Trader Joes, lol

Outfit details:
Boots- Zara (SOLD OUT)-found a similar one
Puff-sleeved dress- H&M
Sweater-knit combo- Forever 21
Glasses- Prescription- Firmoo

P.s.- this post was almost called "It's the layers for me"
because I was layered up with this outfit wearing a dress, and a sweater/shirt over this dress. 
I tried tucking in the shirt to hide it but the camera catches everything 

Photos by Pierre Captured

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