Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Don't mind me... I'm just here to take photos | The Pint Shop Edition

Rule #1 when visiting The Pint Shop
Do not use the aisles as your personal photo-shoot. There are people who want to shop and they can't if you are doing a full photo-shoot and using the merchandise as your personal prop. Thank you!"
- The Pint Shop rep

Me: Having my home girl take pictures of me with the merchandise as I parade up and down the different aisle. 

Hi, my "Pint Shop" name is "Tammy N'Cream" and I love me some Ice cream,
especially Cookies & Cream and guess what else I like... A GOOD photo op.

Y'all know I don't follow ALL the rules so be on the look out for part #2 and maybe part #3 of 
my Pint Shop/ Museum of Ice Cream post . 

P.S- Yes I did eventually buy something.
I actually brought this pretty PINK bottle shown in the picture above. 

To learn more/ Visit The Pint Shop/ Museum of Ice Cream presented by Target 

Outfit Details:
denim shirt- H&M
Skirt- LuLu*s as seen (HERE)
Flats- Primark 
Bucket Bag- Target

L O C A T I O N  | 45 W. 14TH Street 

To Be Continued....

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