Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Uptown #2 Train

I'm a "Uptown" Bronx girl. 
I remember back in the day taking the #2 train from Allerton Avenue three stops to Gun Hill Road to go home from school. 
Remember the days when you used tokens to pay to get on the train?
Remember the graffiti trains?
Remember hanging on to the handles on top while riding the subway? 
I know I'm telling you my age but these were the good ol' days.
Check out my experience at  Jamie Foxx's Prive Revaux first pop-up eye wear shop in NYC. 

 Before you ask...
YES I wear ALL black during the weekend

This pop-up shop is the perfect photo op moments. 
They have so much to offer at the pop-up shop (for picture taking) as well as a great sunglasses... and the prices are amazing. Each pair are $29.99 for one or 2 for $54.99. I will be back to purchase a pair but for now y'all gonna get these photos. 

To learn more check out the pop up shop here and also Prive Revaux

Outfit details:
Sweater- H&M (before scandal)
ana Jeans- JC Penny
Boots- Sam Edelman
Beanie- Forever21
Bag- 99 cent store 

*PS- This bag is an inspired bag. Yes I did see this bag at the dollar store and brought it for $8 and YES I did buy some paint to paint the letters FAKE on it and YES I did look FIERCE and got plenty of complements on the bag.  

Also... SHOUT-OUT to the originator of the statement bags: Sonique Saturday 
You may remember her. 
I featured her (HERE) & (HERE)

L O C A T I O N | Bryant  Park (NYC)

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