Confessions of a #FashionBlogger | Pretty Girls Like...... TO EAT!

I've been meaning to go to Pietro Nolita for TWO things
1. The Food
2. The drinks 

Actually #3 should be number #1 but I was HUNGRY so of course I ate first.
Speaking of the food I must say that the food was "ok".
 I had the Penne All'Arrabiata. The portions of this dish was actually small. 
If you follow me on Snapchat or viewed my Instasnap you would've seen me go right to BBQ's 
2 hours later for some Hennywings, lol 
Overall... This is a cute little spot to take some pictures and to get some "ok" pasta. 

P.S- This restaurant reminds me of a small diner but ALL Pink (napkins, table, chair, decor, etc).
I especially love the napkins that says "Pink as Fuck"

L O C A T I O N | 174 Elizabeth St, NYC 

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