Hello September | Hello #NYFW (New York Fashion Week)

I hate to see the summer go
TRUST me, I am all about the beautiful Spring & Summer weather BUT I love the month of September. 
September is all about Fall season, my sisters birthday (Happy Birthday Renata 9/1) and my FAV holiday... YES holiday, NYFW- New York Fashion Week.
I get so inspired every time fashion week rolls by because of the new and different trends. 
This is also a GREAT time for me to dress-up and show-off.  
During this time the busy NYC streets is my runway and I will WERK these streets as if I am off to see a show.
Speaking of attending NYFW, I've been in the blogging work for like 5 or 6 years now and at some point (September or February) NYFW can wear you out. 
Me going to (OR TRYING TO MAKE) like 5-7 shows a day PLUS working my regular 9-5... which is really 9- whenever I'm done can be a lot on a person. 
I noticed this happening to me one year and honestly I decided it was best to just attend what I can instead of trying to attend ALL shows. 
So with that being said
You MAY see me this season in them tents or NOT. 
Either way, I will be happy watching it on-line and acting as if I was there. 
Even If I decided to attend or not I am STILL New York Fashion Week!

Outfit Details (HERE)

Happy Fashion Week!

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Lynn said...


Loving your shoes... I have those in yellow.