#TheCutLife | New Hair??... NO! New Style (Cut)


 Ok.. so I am a few years behind with the shaved sides (hair style) but I could care less.
So I'm off work for a month and if you are like me and don't have much planned you do some crazy things and this time I decided to do it with my hair. 
Before y'all say it let me just throw it out there... 
NO, I did not go through a break up
NO, I am not stressed
I just now have way too much time on my hands, lol
Anyway I took (well my barber) took a little off the sides to add some edge to me (As if I didn't have enough edge before). 
I showed her (Yes, She) a few pictures of what I wanted (you know I walked up in the shop with designs and all forgetting my job will give me the biggest side-eye when I get back to work in September). 
But anyhoo, after it was all said and done I am so in love with the end results. 
I am loving this and JUST might take some more out on the sides... Hmmmm, Lol 

Shades- Street vendor in Harlem ($5)

What do you think? 

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