Weekend Activities | Summer Fun Selfies

This was a fun-filled weekend for me in a LONG time and I must admit.... I had fun!

1. FRIDAY night Midnight Brunch (Yes Midnight 12am-3am) at Taj (I love Omar's kitchen food). I wore my statement tee "I VOTE FOR VODKA") and a black & white stripped dress that I turned into a pencil skirt (wish I had up close pictures of this outfit), & my fav leather cap

2. SATURDAY- Coney Island with my woe (Soraya). I took my each towel, sunscreen & my camera for some fun on the beach.  I fell asleep, walking the boardwalk, ate a Nathan's hot dog and of course my fav... a funnel cake (oops can't forget about the alcohol). I wore a white shirt, jean shorts, gold shades and a black and white oversize Kimono from H&M)

3. SUNDAY- I missed ALL of my plans (Brunch) because I slept ALL day 

L O C A T I O N | Everywhere 

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