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Art Selfies
Last week (Saturday) I met up with a good friend of mine (Key) and we took out talents... Fashion Blogging and went to an art exhibit.
The original exhibit we wanted to see Yayoi Kusama- "Give me Love" was completely crowded... Meaning THE LINE WAS ALL THE WAY DOWN THE BLOCK and our heels were NOT gonna make it, lol. So we opt out of that exhibit while at the David Zwimer Gallery and checked out a few other art samples what was displayed in the gallery... Enjoy!

 After the exhibit, which was GREAT by the way we took our talents to my FAV restaurant, Cafeteria to get some dinner, drinks and some much needed GIRL TALK 

I had the chicken & Waffles... and a FEW Cafeteria Cosmos (Which is not shown)

If you have the time, check out the David Zwimer Gallery for an amazing art experience 

L O C A T I O N | Chelsea 

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Dre said...

Enjoyed checking out your pics from the David Zwirner Gallery! And that plate of chicken and waffles looks delicious!